HVAC Contractors For Medical Facilities

If you are searching for high quality HVAC contractors for medical facilities, Advanced Service Solutions is your destination. We are a nationwide facility maintenance company that provides multiple services for all types of businesses, including medical facilities, shopping centers and much more. At Advanced, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your maintenance expectations, and we hire only the top contractors for each job.

A properly functioning heating and cooling system is vital for a medical facility. Your building needs an HVAC contractor that keeps the system running at all times and keeps your employees and patients comfortable. At Advanced, our services include new system installations, filter changes, system upgrades and repairs, and energy audits. We also offer on-call services for any emergencies that arise.

Owners and operators of hospitals and medical offices should not have to worry about their heating and cooling systems. Our HVAC contractors for medical facilities clean and service your system properly, so that you’ll make fewer costly repair calls. We’re ready at any time to deal with major emergencies, and we provide a preventive maintenance program for HVAC systems to keep things running.

Advanced selects contractors everywhere in the country, and we have a high standard for our Service Providers. We only hire contractors that have professional experience, are fully licensed and insured, and are financially solvent. In addition to contractors’ insurance, we carry our own general liability and worker’s compensation, adding an extra layer of protection for you. When the job is complete, we send one of our service reps to inspect the finished work and ensure that it was completed according to your request.

Keep your facility comfortable and safe. Contact Advances Service Solutions today to learn more about our HVAC contractor services and other property maintenance services we offer. We are your one-stop shop for property maintenance needs.

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