Snow Removal Contractors for Government Buildings

Throughout the country, Advanced Service Solutions is your answer for snow removal contractors for government buildings. Advanced is a nationwide property maintenance provider that offers comprehensive cleaning and exterior services for businesses, schools and government entities. Our mission is to exceed your maintenance expectations, and we have the experience and resources to step in for unexpected emergencies.

Mother Nature is unpredictable, often defying weather forecasts. Unexpected snow and ice conditions can create very dangerous and crippling conditions around government buildings. People may be unable to come to work due to lack of parking and the risk of falls and injuries from dangerous slippery conditions.

At Advanced, we’ll be prepared. We always have boots on the ground and trucks at the ready, with heavy machinery as needed to clear the area around a municipal facility as quickly and safely as possible, so you can safely get back to daily operations. We take the time to ensure that rooftops are cleared, and that ice is melted with rock salt and other specialized materials so that sidewalks and walkways are safe. We can also take care of an area that another contractor has not sufficiently cleared.

Advanced got its start as a snow removal service in 2007, and today we are in the top 100 snow removal agencies in the country. We make sure our Service Providers can handle the job: they must be professionally experienced, adequately staffed, fully insured and financially solvent. We also carry our own liability insurance, so you have a double layer of protection.

Wherever in the U.S. that your operations may be, when you are in need of dependable and reliable snow removal contractors for government buildings, contact the Advanced team today for a free quote. When a winter disaster strikes, we’ll be ready to help make your facility clear and safe.

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