Snow Removal Contractors For Schools

Advanced Service Solutions is your professional destination nationwide for snow removal contractors for schools. We are a coast to coast property maintenance company that provides multiple types of facility maintenance for schools, government buildings and most every type of business. At Advanced, we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, and we employ only the best and most professional contractors.

We all know the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Inconsistent forecasts and unseen conditions can create havoc and dangerous to navigate streets near our schools. Parking lots become unusable, streets and sidewalks become icy and slippery, and there is greater risk of falls and injuries. At Advanced, we’re prepared for whatever the forecast, with boots on the ground and trucks with plows and heavy machinery at the ready, making us able to clear an area of snow as soon as possible and making your school safer for teachers and children.

We handle rooftop snow removal as well as snow removal in an area that has been neglected by another contractor. Advanced will take care of ice control, too, through applying rock salt and specialized products, making parking lots and sidewalks safer.

At Advanced, we are one of the top 100 snow removal agencies in the country and we’re continuing to expand our maintenance programs. One reason is the quality of our contractors: our Service Providers must be financially solvent, fully insured and adequately staffed. We assign a primary and secondary service provider for each location, to ensure your snow removal needs are met anytime.

Wherever your location in the United States, when you’re looking for dependable and top notch snow removal contractors for schools in your area, contact the professionals at Advanced or click here to get a quote. When Mother Nature strikes, we’ll be ready…and your school’s lots and sidewalks will be cleared and safe.

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